Electra CG

Electra CG

The limb galavnic bath ELECTRA is designed to provide application of galvanic current in water on the upper and lower extremities. While flowing from one limb to another, the galvanic current causes polarization of the tissues. This polarization can be considerred as an intracellular and extracellular temporary disorder of the dynamic metabolic derangement. The body protects against this condition by a neural and humoral controlled reaction. The polarization is first of all deminstrated by a hyperaemy mainly in the capillary zones.
The limb galvanic bath is administerred mostly at:
  • central nervous system failures as for spondylous painful syndromes, neuralgia, polyneuritis, non-paralytic poliomyelitis and at conditons of increased or low irritabilities of the afferent and efferent nerves
  • degenerative and chronical inflammatory disorders of the body’s motor system, mainly at disorders of the small joints of hands and legs, rheumatic diseases of muscles and other types of small joint rheumatism
  • vasoneurosis, spasticity of the vastus muscle, myoclonic twitches, latter phase of Sudeck’s atrophy and at dicsrease in the muscle tone of extremities
The descending currents have overall calming affect. To achieve this, the upper extremities are connected to the positive pole of the source, while the lower ones get negative polarity. When connected in reversed polarity, the application stimulates the vegetative nervous system.

Technical parameters

Maximálny objem vane 450 l
Užitočný objem vane 320 l
Doba plnenia: užitočný objem 3,7 min
Doba vyprázdnenia: užitočný objem 2,7 min
Presnosť merania teploty vody +- 2,5 °C
Prívodteplej a studenej vody 2x1"
Maximálna teplota prívodu teplej vody 60°C
Príkon 50 VA
Napájanie 230 V / 50(60) Hz
Hmotnosť 126 kg
Rozmery v mm (d x š x v) 2500 x 960 x 920-945
Presnosť merania prúdu +/- 10% z plného rozsahu
Presnosť merania času +/- 5s / hod.
Regulácia pracovného prúdu  krok 2 mA
Rýchlosť zmeny prúdu max.  100 mA/s
Rozsah prúdu 0 - 1200 mA
Počet elektród 9
Možnosť voľby polarity zdroja každá elektróda
Signalizácia polarity pri každej elektróde
Maximálne výstupné napätie 24 V
Typ ochrany pred úrazom el. prúdom trieda I
Stupeň ochrany krytom IP 54

Subaqálna masáž - doplnkové vybavenie

Napájanie 3x400 V / 50 (60) Hz
Príkon 1150 VA
Typ ochrany pred úrazom el. prúdom trieda I
Stupeň ochrany krytom IP 54
Presnosť merania tlaku +- 0,02MPa
Tlak v masážnej hadici 0,18 - 0,47 MPa
Max. prietok čerpadla 135 l/min

Types of current

  • G - jednosmerný prúd
  • SM - sinus monofázam jednosmerne usmernená sínusovka 50 Hz
  • SD - sinus difáza, dvojcestne usmernená sínusovka 100 Hz
  • SC - sinus krátka perióda (CP), 1sec MF + 1 sec DF
  • SL sinus dlhá perióda (LP), 5 sec MF + 10 sec DF zmena 1 sec
  • FM - faradayov priebeh MF
  • FD - faradayov priebeh DF
  • FC - faradayov priebeh s rýchlym prepínaním MF-DF
  • FL - faradayov priebeh s pomalým prepínaním MF-DF
  • TM - trojuholníkový priebeh MF
  • TD - trojuholníkový priebeh DF
  • TC - trojuholníkový priebeh s rýchlym prepínaním MF-DF
  • TL - trojuholníkový priebeh s pomalým prepínaním MF-DF
  • CM - pílový priebeh MF
  • CD - pílový priebeh DF
  • CC - pílový priebeh s rýchlym prepínaním MF-DF
  • CL - pílový priebeh s pomalým prepínaním MF-DF

Equipment and functions

Manual filling with stainless steel ceramics valves
(E1) - 7" full colour touch screen, programs, sevice menu, operating manual...
Real time and date display
Automatic plannig of the service check
Fully automated procedures process
In build programs/ number● / 5
Unlimited No. of the new program creation● / 25
Series of the programs up to 5 procedures
Manual discharge into the canalization
Hygienic shower
(SM) - Subaqual massage by hose with the air mixo
Analogue pressure meter for the hose /massage system● - with SM
Electrotherapy- galvanic, diadynamic and farraday currents
Stainless steel water pump● - with SM
Electromagnetic water treatment systemo
Complete drain away of the hydromassge system
Stainless steel components valve knobs, water inlet, shower holder etc.
Two stage step
Stainless steel hand railo
Support for the handraio
Hieght adjustable legs
Inflatable head resto
● - standard equipment, o - optional equipment



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