Laguna Tornado

Laguna Tornado

A computer controlled hydromassage bath tub with intelligent and automatic functions. Easily operated via a large touchscreen. It is equipped with a powerfull and efficient massage system and several massage zones.


water-ico air-ico zones-ico auot-ico
124 hydromassage jets
180 airmassage - optional equipment
5 massage zones
automatic functions
3D model

Technical parameters

Maximal water capacity 300 l
Usefull water capacity 200 l
Filling time: usefull capacity 2,5 min
Drainage time: usefull capacity 2,1 min
Hot and cold water connections 2x1"
Maximum hot water temperature 60°C
Max. pump water flow 450 l/min
Max. pump pressure 0,35 MPa
Power input 3500 VA
Power supply 3 x 400 V / 50(60) Hz
Weight 140 kg
Dimensions in mm (w x l x h) 2200 x 870 x 790-815

Equipment and functions

Hydromassage zones/ jets number5 / 1245 / 124
Overal No.of the water and air jets basic and optional124304
(E1) - 7" full colour touch screen, programs, sevice menu, operating manual...
Intelligent filling with the elecronic control of the water temperatrurein the bath tub
Intelligent level sensor optimizing water volume depending the size of the patient
Procedure timer 0-99 min included in E1 and E2
Sound signal for procedure end - in E1 and E2
Real time and date display
Automatic plannig of the service check
Fully automated procedures process
In build programs/ number● / 28● / 28
Unlimited No. of the new program creation
Series of the programs up to 5 procedures
Automatic start after patient entering the bathtub
Automatic protection against overflow
Automatic water mixing
Intelligent filling from the recycling systemoo
Water filters with automatic flushing
Electronic thermometer of the water inside the bathtub
Automatic water temperature adjustment during the procedure
Automatic water level adjustment during the procedure
Automatic discharge to the canalization
Automatic discharge into the recycling systemoo
Automatic rinsing of the massgae system
Automatic desinfection ( 2 modes)oo
Hygienic shower
Hot water for hygienic shower
Balneologic bath
Hydromassage zones No.● / 5● / 5
Stainless steel massage jets with the air mix   
Drilled hydromassge jets● / 124● / 124
(SM) - Subaqual massage by hose with the air mixoo
Electronic pressure indicator for the massage hose
Pulsating massge with interval 1s, 2s or 3 secoo
Sinusoidal massge
Wave massage
Lymphatic masage
Air blower with drilled jets with air system dtying: jets No./ price in € o / 180
Drilled jets for water or water/air mix with ejector system● / 28 
Bubble grid connectoroo
Bubble grid with 2000 micro holesoo
Chromatotherapy/ RGB LED oo
Bottom illumination RGB LED synchronized with the chromatotherapyoo
Touch screen illunination RGB LED synchronized with the chromatotherapyoo
Magneto therapy with 2 programsoo
Log file - shows data about bath tub operation oo
Voice communication in 5 languagesoo
Stainless steel water pump
Protection against the water pump dry run
Electromagnetic water treatment system
Complete drain away of the hydromassge system
Leg support removableoo
Stainless steel handle for the patient
Stainless steel components valve knobs, water inlet, shower holder etc.
One stage stepoo
Hieght adjustable legs
Inflatable head restoo
● - standard equipment, o - optional equipment 



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