Coral - Coral Lymfo

Coral Lymfo

The whirling bath Coral / Coral Lymfo is suitable for upper limbs massage.


12 / 44 hydromassage jets
44 airmassage jets - Coral
1 zone
manual controls

Technical parameters

Maximal water capacity 35 l
Useful water capacity 30 l
Filling time: usefull capacity 1 min
Drainage time: usefull capacity 0,5 min
Hot and cold water connections 2x3/4"
Maximum hot water temperature 60°C
Power input Coral 800 VA
Power input Coral Lymfo 850 VA
Power supply Coral 230 V / 50(60) Hz
Power supply Coral Lymfo 3 x 400 V / 50(60) Hz
Weight Coral 65 kg
Weight Coral Lymfo 70 kg
Dimensions in mm (w x l x h) 950 x 870 x 1050

Equipment and functions

Coral Coral Lymfo
Hydromassage zones/ jets number1 / 441 / 12
Overal No.of the water and air jets basic and optional9012
Manual air buttons 
(E2) - Electronics with 8 digit LED displayo
Procedure timer 0-99 min included in E1 and E2● E2 
Sound signal for procedure end - in E1 and E2● E2 
Analog thermometer of the filling water 
Electronic thermometer of the filling water● E2 
Electronic thermometer of the water inside the bathtub● E2 
Manual discharge into the canalization
Hygienic shower
Hydromassage zones No.● / 1● / 1
Stainless steel massage jets with the air mix  ● / 12
Drilled hydromassge jets● / 44 
Manual hydromassge intensity adjustment
Air mix adjustment 
Lymphatic masage 
Drilled jets for water or water/air mix with ejector system● / 46 
Stainless steel water pump 
Plastic water pump 
Protection against the water pump dry run● E2 
Electromagnetic water treatment systemoo
Complete drain away of the hydromassge system
Stainless steel components valve knobs, water inlet, shower holder etc.
● - standard equipment, o - optional equipment 



Leaflet A4


With touchscreen controls


Photogallery - Coral

Coral E2
Coral Lymfo
Coral Lymfo
Coral Lymfo
Coral Lymfo

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