Niagara Plus

NIAGARA is a product consisting of three main parts, namely SPRAYING DESK, CIRCULAR SHOWER and HIP SHOWER. Interconnection of the three parts results in an equipment providing complete non-tub treatment. With respect to ordering, the CIRCULAR and HIP SHOWERS are considered as optional outfit
The appliance provides one or two water massage streams. Beside classical hydro-massage, the healing effect is in the possibility of instantaneous dynamical alteration of the warm and cold water effect upon body surface. Thus, blood circulation in body surface improves, affecting positively the thews and the central nervous system, supporting metabolism and contributing to tuning of the organism from catabolic to anabolic status. During the treatment two massage streams directed by the operator are acting upon the patient.
CIRCULAR SHOWER is an appliance providing spatial spot massage of the whole body via a system of small holes. Simultaneously, with adequate water temperature ensured by thermostatic faucets on the SPRAYING DESK, relaxation and cleanup effects are provided.
HIP SHOWER is used to apply massage, healing and cleanup procedures on the patient´s body parts which are accessible in sitting position (such as anus, genitals, etc.). For this purpose, the appliance is equipped with dual mode shower head (two or three streams and multistream (showering).

Technical parameters

Cold water connectiony 2 x 3/4"
Hot water connection 2 x 3/4"
Maximal allowable hot water connection temperature 60 °C
Operating pressure 0,3 - 0,5 MPa
Water flow through one massage jet/td> 20-48 l/min
Dimensions (w x l x h) in mm 500 x 1000 x 1120
Circular shower connection 1 x 3/4"
Hip shower connection 1 x 3/4"
Weight 40-46 kg

Technické parametre - Optional equipment

Circular shower water connection 1 x 1"
Hip shower water connection 1 x 1/2"
Dimensions (w x l x h) in mm  
Circular shower 750 x 925 x 2200
Hip shower 450 x 460 x 420
Water flow:  
Circular shower 20-45 l/min
Hip shower 20-30 l/min
Circular shower 18 kg
Hip shower 8,5 kg

Equipment and functions

Niagara Niagara Plus
Overal No.of the water and air jets basic and optional22
Manual air buttons  
Manual filling with stainless steel ceramics valves
Manual filling with thermostatic mixer● / 2● / 2
Analog thermometer of the filling water
Analogue pressure meter for the hose /massage system
2 masage spray guns with the hand rests and centric or spread water stream
Circular shower o
Sitz shower o
Complete drain away of the hydromassge system
Stainless steel handle for the patient
Stainless steel components valve knobs, water inlet, shower holder etc.
Hieght adjustable legs
● - standard equipment, o - optional equipment 



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Niagara Plus
Niagara Plus
Niagara Plus
Niagara Plus
Niagara Plus
Niagara Plus
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