VOD 47 ML / OL

VOD 47

The relaxation table VOD 47 OL is intended for safe positioning of patients while resting, or optionaly for some types of manual massages. The product allows safe and comfortable lying and sitting possitions for the patient.
VOD 47 – Massage table (VOD 47-ML) is intended for safe positioning of patients for all types of manual massages.It allows to position the patient in a constant height safely.
Mhe product is equipped with an adjustable tilting headrest that enables to alter the head or neck spine position during massage. The headrest is by default undivided. On special order it can be delivered as a two-part modification that has an ergonomic opening for comfortable and safe placing of the patient‘s face.

Technical parameters

  VOD 47 OL VOD 47 ML
Weight 31 kg 36 kg
Dimensions (l x w) 1970 x 680 mm 1985 x 680 mm
Height 670 mm
Maximal recommended load 160 kg
Headrest adjustment range   -35° až +30°



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VOD 47
VOD 47

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