Touch screen controls

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Automatic water filling

The device adds functions to the current product line in the form of automatic water fillig. It allows for automatic stop of water filling after reaching desired water level. It simplifies the filling process so that the operator does not have to monitor the water level manually and thus can operate more products simultaneously.

Electromagnetic water softener

The electromagnetic water softener device, (EWS) is used for electromagnetic water treatment, which decreases scale creation in pipes and water inlets of various water devices such as showers, bath tubs and other types of hydrotherapy equipment. The physical properties of water are changed, however the chemical composition remains unchanged. The device can be used on any product which uses electrical equipment. The EWS will be connected to the main distribution board, for example, OCEAN standard, Forte, Economy, VOD 56, Cascade a Coral. It can also be used on devices without electrical equipment such as Niagara, Laguna and so on. The user must however ensure connection to electrical network (mains) according to valid norms to ensure electrical safety of the device.

Ozone generator

The product is intended for direct water disinfection in a hydrotherapy bathtub. Secondary effect is ozone therapy which leads to better skin blood circulation and stimulation of the immune system.


MAGNETRONIC MF-H device is a medical device intended for professional use in healthcare providing magneto therapy treatments in water environment. It uses physical-healing effect of time-varying harmonic electromagnetic fields. The electromagnetic fields influence the tissues throughout the body equally by both low frequency harmonic magnetic field as well as harmonic induced currents emerging in treated tissues based on Faraday electromagnetic induction. Metabolism and blood circulation are increased thereby oxygenating the body’s cells. Two basic treatment programs are available: “PROGRAM 1”, “PROGRAM 2”

The exceptionality of the MAGNETRONIC MF-H device is the application of hydrotherapy treatment simultaneously with magneto therapy treatment affecting the whole body. Thanks to a mutual synergism of hydro and magneto therapy the effect of both therapies is potentially increased.

Hydrotherapy uses mainly:

  • methodical application of water of different temperatures for a preventive and therapeutic purposes

Except for thermal stimuli, for which water is the optimal carrier, the following are also used:

  • mechanical stimuli (whirling, air/bubble massage, underwater massage)
  • chemical stimuli (water saturated with carbon dioxide, mineral baths, baths with additives, ozone therapy etc.)
  • physical therapy – so called hydrokineziotherapy
  • Lately also application of color optical stimuli – chromatotherapy

Main effects of hydrotherapy are:

  • direct (achieved by physical and biochemical properties of tissues after absorbing the applied energy (thermal, mechanical etc.)
  • indirect, mediated by endocrine and nervous system.

It is natural, due to the nature of hydrotherapy, that that we are looking for more effective and synergic stimuli which would further increase the effectiveness of combined treatment. This is the reason for simultaneous use of magneto therapy in aqueous environment. Compared to “dry” application of magneto therapeutic devices, the water environment has its specific physiochemical properties:

  • water permeability is not significantly different from air permeability Aqueous environment inside and around the body (immersion of the body or its parts in water during hydrotherapy) does not influence the spread of used time-varying magnetic field in any way. Magnetic element will have its natural know effects: vasodilator, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antidematose, myorelaxation, and spasmotic to promote healing process in the body.
  • Relative permitivity of water is over 80 times greater the air, water is also conductive, especially when it contains various ions (its conductivity is close to rated conductivity of human tissues). Time-varying magnetic field can therefore induce significant electric field not only in the patient’s body but also in the aqueous environment of the device (bath tub). Electric element is characterized by sliding, capacity, influencing polarization of dipole, especially membrane structures in the body, currents. Conductive micro currents also flow between patient’s body and aqueous environment. These enable transfer of ions to the patient’s body as well as promotion of transcutaneous detoxification mechanisms.

It is therefore the application of complex electromagnetic field with healing effects of magnetic and electric elements.

To achieve significant induced electric current a harmonic course of change in the electromagnetic treatment field is used. So the current density is proportional not only to the size of the magnetic field and environment conductivity, but also frequency. Application of harmonic electromagnetic fields does not decrease the effect of magneto therapy in any way as it is biological effects were scientifically proven for both pulse and harmonic fields.

In practical terms, there needs to be no worry about oscillation of metal implants in patient’s body. Application of physical stimuli of harmonic time course is close to natural processes, it is very gentle, soft, reducing the risk of side effects and contraindications.

Recycling system connection

The device RECYCLING is intended as an optional device for some bathtub types. It enables:

  • Water filling from a recycling system
  • Water drainage into a recycling system

Note: The recycling system consists mainly from a recycling station and fittings, which distribute the water form the bath tub to the recycling station and then recycled water back to the bath tub. The recycling system is not part of the product.

Chromatotherapy - RGB Lights

The term “Chromatotherapy” is used to call a device that can make the massage or stress relaxation cure of a patient in a rest position more enjoyable. Ligth effects in the water are used to achieve this goal when chromatotherapy is used. The light fixtures are located on both inner walls of the tub. They can provide four different colours of light: red, green, yellow and blue. The colours can rotate continuously at adjustable pace. Or only one chosen colour can be on.

Additional bath tub illumination

Elegant and effective RGB illumination of the display.

Elegant and effective RGB illumination of the whole bath tub.