Thermostatic faucet
Manual water filling – stainless steel ceramic valves
Analog sensing and continuous display of the water temperature
Management, display, control:
7″ color touch screen (5 languages)
Procedure timer with memory 0-99 minutes
Auto diagnostics
Audible indication (touch buttons, end of procedure, …)
Fully automatically controlled procedure administration process
Built-in programs ●/5 ●/5
Numerous individually adjustable programs ●/25 ●/25
Possibility to program any combination of programs in series
Stainless steel pump o
Built-in protection to eliminate scale build-up o
Complete drainage system for the massage circuit
Galvanic current source
Galvanic, diadynamic, Farraday currents
8 Electrodes: 8 in trays, 1 electrode dry
9 electrodes :2 for legs, 6 longitudinal, 1 dorsal
Water massage: o
Number of hydromassage zones o/1
Manual control of the intensity of the hydro massage o
Hydromassage stainless steel jets with aeration o/24
Aeration control o
Stainless steel pump o
Electronic pump protection against dry running o
Built-in protection to eliminate scale build-up o
Air massage/pearl bath: o o
Air jets drilled into the skeleton – blower o/4×13 o/180
Drying/drainage of air distribution/air jets o o
Subaqual massage with air suction: o
Analog sensing and continuous display of water pressure in massage hose o
Manual drainage of the bath, fittings and pump into the sewage system (pipe diameter in mm) ●/32 ●/50
Hygienic shower o
Stainless steel handle for patient
Stainless steel bath controls (valve actuators, shower jacks, bath inlet)
Two-step step
Two-step staircase with handrail o
Two-step staircase with handrail and footrest for stabilising the handrail o
Height adjustable legs
Inflatable collar o
Chair o
Max. tub volume (l): 2×27 / 2×14,5 450
Usable volume of the tub (l): 2×24,5 / 2×13 320
Product dimensions ( l x w x h ) (mm) : 1280 x 950 x 950-975 2500 x 960 x 920-945
Weight (range according to optional equipment) (kg): 56 126
Rated voltage (V): 230 3 x 400, alt. 230
Rated frequency (Hz): 50/60
Rated input power (range according to optional equipment) 3x400V (VA): 50-3550
Rated input power (range according to optional equipment) 230V (VA): 50 -250 50-1550
Max. Pump flow rate (l/min) 230V/3x400V 135-433
Max. Pump pressure (MPa) 230V/3x400V 0,47
basic equipment
additional equipment o
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