Production of physiotherapy devices in Chirana Progress follows the tradition started by Chirana Piešťany in 1961. Through the all history the products were highly appreciated for its quality and reliability. Also nowadays the products of Chirana Progress are in touch with tradition and high quality confirmed by certification of the quality management according to the ISO 9001:2016 and ISO 13485:2016 for the production of the medical devices.

Highly professional team the best quality materials and components guarantee long life span and the utility value of the Chirana Progresss devices. As an example serve bath tub shells made from composite material by L-RTM (Light  Resin Transfer Moulding) process which means pressure infusion into the closed moulds. This method used in many industry sectors such as  automotive, air plane and boat construction, ensures superior strength and flexibility of the composite, acid and alkali resistance, UV resistance for long term glossy surface and colour stability. This method is at the same time environment friendly.

Active approach towards the customers means that we can meet individual requirements regarding optional functions and desired colour of the bath tubs. We  have developed own inteligent filling system to reach and automatically keep desired water temperature. In connection with electronics all the procedure including disinfection and rinsing is running fully automatically.

Continual innovation process guarantee implementation of the latest solutions which ease the operation of the bath tubs, provides excellent treatment effect and splendid relaxation experience.

Chirana Progress products are professional therapeutical devices designed for the professional therapeutists and demanding clients. All the products are mainly for the medical therapy, but can be used also for the relaxation, after the sport exercises and serves also for the recovery of the body and soul harmony.