The town Piešťany where Chirana Progress resides is situated in beautiful river Váh valley surrounded with Považský Inovec and Malé Karpaty hills. It is also the well known spa town.

The first written record about Piešťany is form the year 1113 and the first document describing the thermal waters and spa „ the most curative in Hungry“ is in book of Juraj Wernher „De admirandis Hungariae aquis hypomnemation“ „ About miraculous waters of Hungary“ published in 1549 in Basel.

Very specific microclimate of Piešťany with more than 2000 hours of the sunshine in a year, river Váh , close neighbourhood of Sĺňava lake and hills of Považský Inovec create unique place for recreation, relaxation and sport activities. Many cultural events complete the attractivness of Piešťany.

Piešťany is a so-called the „town of the health“ because of the sources of hot thermal water and curative mud which create base for providing treatment procedures in Health Spa Piešťany. From the point of view of balneotherapy Piešťany belongs to the top well known spas in the world and is dedicated mainly for the treatment of motoric disorders, neurologic and rheumatic diseases and after injuries difficulties. Thermal water has given birth to curative mud with its specific chemical composition witch is unique in the world. Together with additional curative procedures such as underwater massages, electro therapy, magneto therapy, reflex and classic massages, Piešťany provides combined beneficial influence on men`s health.

The production of medical equipment has 50 year’s tradition starting in Chirana Piešťany and continuing in Chirana Progress – manufacturer of hydrotherapy and electro therapy equipment, inhalators, paraffin bath tubs and massage benches and has a close connection to people’s health.

We would like to invite you cordially to Piešťany and Chirana Progress, too.