A wholebody hydromassage bath tub with manual controls, it is especially suitable for subaqual massage treatment due to its large capacity and generous space.

ico-water ico-auto
180 airmassage jets - optional equipment
manual controls

Technical parameters

Maximal water capacity 550 l
Usefull water capacity 370 l
Filling time: usefull capacity 4,3 min
Drainage time: usefull capacity 3 min
Hot and cold water connections 2×1″
Maximum hot water temperature 60°C
Max. water pump pressure 0,57 MPa
Max. pump water flow 133 l/min
Power input 2400 VA
Power supply 3x400V / 50 (60) Hz
Weight 158 kg
Dimensions in mm (l x w x h) 2600 x 1000 x 1200 mm

Equipment and functions

VOD 56 - subaqual massage
Manual air buttons
Manual filling- stainless steel ceramics valves
Additional water filling ( mineral, CO2 ...)O
Manual filling from the recycling systemO
Analog thermometer of the filling water
Manual discharge into the canalization
Hygienic shower
Balneologic bath
Massage hose with the air mix regulation
Analogue pressure meter for the hose
180 air jets with air system dryingO
Bubble grid connectorO
Bubble grid with 2000 micro holesO
Chromatotherapy/ RGB LEDO
Ozone therapyO
Stainless steel water pump
Protection against the water pump dry run
Electromagnetic water treatment systemO
Complete darain away of the hydro system
Leg support in the shape of the tub
Stainless steel components
Two stage step
Stainless steel hand railO
Support for the handrailO
Hieght adjustable legs