Paraffin and peat pack warmer

The paraffin and peat pack warmer tep is a device that has a water bath tank. Into the bath tank the paraffin container and the accessories bin are sunk during paraffin warming.

For peat pack warming a grid is put in to the water bath tank. The peat packs are then placed on the grid.

Containers are covered with a removable lid. The water bath is heated using a heating element located under the bottom of the tank. The whole unit can be placed on a cart with wheels.The water bath tank is warmed by a heater located on the bottom of the tub. The whole device is placed on a cart with wheels that allow easy movement. On the front panel there are located controls and regulation buttons with signal lamps. The device is equipped with a main switch and a thermostat.

For applications mentioned, several known procedures can be used, e.G. Repeated dipping of extremities, application of paraffin by brush, spraying of paraffin on surface, applying of dipped mule masks and Cuvette method. The duration of the procedure after the paraffin is layed on takes about 20 minutes. For paraffin bath we recommend to use paraffin.

The pat packs can be applied directly or via disposable thermo wraps. The peat pack treatment duration is about 20 minutes.

Thermo wraps use

The local application of paraffin and peat packs is used for treatment of diseases of the locomotive system caused by inflammations, degenerative processes and traumatic causalities, as well as for therapy of the posttraumatic conditions and for warming up the extremities before exercising.

The temperature of the paraffin during application is about 56 °C, I.E. Just above the melting point of the mixture, whereby the latent heat is also used to achieve the heat effect. The temperature of the peat pack during application shall be about 40 to 45 °C.

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